Time for a cool change.

It is the 30th of June 2011, and the weather couldn’t be more clear, warm and beautiful.
Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and just the thought of it is infinitely more excitement that I have had for what feels now like centuries.
Finally the gift from God is an open door which I have walked through and the sun is shining and I feel renewed.

Like the feeling in the song, “Cool Change” by the Little River Band, this time that I have so longed for has finally come and I am so grateful.

The opportunities now are on the table and I am ready, willing and able to at last reach out and partake of this exquisite banquet.

This gift from God is so overflowing, I scarce can take it in for my cup truly is running over.
This feeling is way too miraculous to keep to myself so….
May God Bless you all and may His Blessings shine down upon anyone who reads this.
I wish that the whole world could feel His love, strength, healing, comfort and provision.
Praise the Lord,
In Jesus Name,

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The old saying; “There’s a first time for everything” certainly applies here.

This is my first attempt at an online blog and as such I want to extend a “Welcome to the journey”  as it were, to anyone who may in the future find themselves here.

Oddly enough, I wanted to talk about the weather…bad weather to be exact and it’s just as bad cousin; natural disaster.

When hurricane Katrina hit we were all shocked and sickened by the devastation that reigned down on that area of our country.

Week after week heartbreaking reports came out about how whatever was being done to help the myriad situations that were unearthed by the storm’s devastation…. simply wasn’t enough.

Since Katrina, the reports of massive devastation done by huge non-average sized hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, all carry the same theme: Not enough is being done.

After looking into many of these natural disasters over the last several years, and with all due respect to the victims, I have come to the conclusion that no one, I mean no one can really be “ready” for something as devastating as Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, or the floods in Nashville, because these kinds of natural disasters don’t “usually” happen.

These disasters fall under the category of things that “could” happen but in fact, usually do not and because of that, we bury our heads in the sand and pretend that they never will.

Why? Well..take Katrina for instance: We really had no idea what it would take to see the people of New Orleans through something like that until it happened. Only then did we discover that nearly any attempts we made to right the situation were woefully lacking. As complex problems no one ever expected presented themselves daily we realized that for all the ‘expertise” our government sent down there, the mess that mother nature had left behind her tirade made them all look like they were just “winging it.”

About two weeks ago the news reported that the Mayor of New York City was being harshly criticized for not doing enough to help the people of the city during the recent major snowstorm.

And yet this week when the forecast called for another huge storm like the last one. This time the city’s Mayor was more than on the ready for the second onslaught, only to be criticized again, this time because of the more than considerable amount of money that had been spent getting ready for a storm that (thankfully)… did not come after all.

If only there were such a thing as a real crystal ball!

There is no way to measure the grief and havoc that bad weather and natural disasters can wreak on people’s lives, but in the end I am still left with the question… without the proverbial crystal ball…can anyone really be ready if they don’t know how bad one of these things is truly going to be?

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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